The range of medical services provided by the Hirslanden Hospital group…

...covers the following areas:


Oncological treatment

Treatment quality

In the field of oncology, Switzerland offers many new treatment methods which reflect the most recent level of scientific knowledge and are not yet available in many other countries. The more recent treatments are generally more likely to provide a cure, and offer the best protection for normal tissue.

Individuality and interdisciplinary work

The Hirslanden Hospital Group has a highly qualified team of doctors and specialists in this field. A particular focus is the individual treatment which each patient receives. Throughout the entire procedure, your doctor has an interdisciplinary overview and carries out interdisciplinary work with doctors from different areas. You also receive support from technical specialists on alternative cancer treatments, and nutritional counseling to support your wellbeing.



In vitro Fertilisation


In vitro Fertilisation

The Hirslanden Private Hospital Group uses the most modern technologies currently available as methods of fertilization. In vitro fertilization in Switzerland has one of the highest levels of success. In addition to the high levels of technical skill available in this field in Switzerland, deciding on a treatment of this type always takes family wellbeing  and the individual circumstances into account.


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Cardiac surgery

The Hirslanden Private Hospital Group has a team of cardiac, thoracic and vascular surgeons, who work with the most modern medical equipment. The team is made up of cardiologists, anaesthesiologists, pneumologists, intensive care doctors, nephrologists and infectious disease specialists.

Rehabilitation is a key part of heart diseases, which is why particular care is focused on this issue.